Since DISHA International Foundation was established as NGO most of our activities and services are provided and managed on non-profit bases. That is the reason why we cannot fully fund all the activities only from our resources.

We are dependent a lot on external funding and rely on support of people and companies that share same enthusiasm and willingness to help the society.


Are you individual, organization or company and you would like to support us? We welcome any financial or material help (ex. office equipment, stationery, books, technology). Any financial support can be sent to account Click here


For any other kind of support, please contact us.


Are you a company and want to support or activities with sponsorship or any kind of corporate funding? Become our partner and donor! Let’s create constructive relationship beneficial for both parties. Help us and spread your name and your philanthropy.


Contact us with your offer so we can agree on conditions of the contract.

We need your support !

(Indian nationals only)