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Germany Campus

Fields of study:

•     technical engineering

•     Business Economics / IT

•     health & medical education

•     hotel & catering management

Summer, 2019 


History of  organization Schools

70 years of vocational education
- education
- accommodation
- catering
- additional services
50 years of vocational rehabilitation
- counselling services (vocational / psychological)
- health service 


A campus that makes learning easy
Our campus is almost like a quarter in a city  - you don‘t just live on campus,
but you can also enjoy its recreational facilities.
Live comfortably, study, meet friends and have fun in a relaxing atmosphere:

Our campus offers:
- 1,400 single-room apartments
- accessible design
- single-parent apartments
- kindergarden
- health center with a pharmacy and many medical specialties
- mensas + cafeterias
- recreation center with both, an indoor and outdoor swimming pool and a fitness studio
- and much more

International learning opportunities

By offering German education – an education with a global reputation of achieving the highest levels of quality, and also an education which is consequently greatly sought after -  we offer:


- individual custom-designed trainings 

- the “German Industrial Master Craftsman International”

- the introduction of the German dual vocational training system 

- “Train the Trainer” seminars

- “German Hotel and Tourism Specialist International”

- “Professional Trainer International”

- consultancy and evaluation

Professional Trainer International

We offer a wide range of different modules in our “Train the trainer“


Based on your demand, your specialists make themselves familiar with the education establishment of the German education system, as well as getting trained with trade-specific and field-specific contents.

Renewable energy, photovoltaics, solar thermal energy

- Automotive, mechatronics, metal, electrical

- engineering PLC, CAD/CAM, CNC, Robotic

- Industry 4.0

- Quality management

- Pedagogic


Who can participate on this program?

- Students in the field of electrical engineering or corresponding fields;

Skilled workers with a minimum of 2 years work experience;

Workers with a minimum of 4 years work experience.



minimum 1 month up to 12 months

Help us on our mission to better world:


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