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WBL (work-based learning)

DISHA International Foundation Trust is an organization that helps international students and young professionals find opportunities for internships in one of the companies and organizations in India.
Internship in an Indian company is a very good opportunity to develop your skills in a professional field, to get acquainted with Indian cultural and to develop a network around the world.
The WBL (internship) in India provides students with the opportunity to combine theoretical and practical knowledge and identify the best of what they have learned and what they learn at work, sharpening their professional
skills. The DISHA International Foundation Trust has a wide network with professional platforms such as college students.
Who can participate?
Any foreign specialist can participate in the program. We have a large network of partner organizations. We will select a company for an internship, depending on your education, internship goals and CV.
Apply for Internship in India

for foreigners only

We will find an internship especially for you

How application process takes place?

Application submitted by volunteer ->

We review Application ->

If Approved -> We will send you link through email for the Payment of 'Volunteering fees' ( managed by Disha Hospitality Solutions, our managing partner for registration, Accommodation, Food etc.) -> After

Successful 100% payment we reconfirm your placement through email and you are ready to fly...!

Please also read our FAQ  for more details.

Registration fees: USD 50
Volunteer expenses: You pay for a visa and tickets.
Payment of food and accommodation depends projects. Some companies provide meals and lodging, some companies pay money to an intern, in some companies you will have to pay for meals and lodging by yourself.

Programs implemented in collaboration with "DISHA Antarrashtriya Seva" & "Federation of International Innovation and Research for Entrepreneurship" (FiiRE)





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