We will find an internship especially for you

for Indian only


WBL (work-based learning)

We are succeeded to alliance our network globally and we have ‘Internship Abroad’ program for the Indian Youth, Students from all the educational background that we availed the opportunity to do internship abroad in industries, organizations, NGOs covering all sectors.
If you are looking to kick-start your career and enjoy a new exciting experience, DISHA International Foundation Trust can provide internships in Italy, Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Portugal, Ireland, Hungary and the USA!
Using our extensive network of host companies, our dedicated professional team will match your skills and experience to the right company for you! We will ensure that you get the best possible experience and training from your internship so that your career prospects
dramatically improve. Our team are on hand throughout your experience to provide guidance and assistance and ensure that your placement is as enjoyable as possible.
Whilst on your placement you’ll not only be able to gain practical experience and build your skill set, but you will also get the chance to explore another country, learn about a new culture and have the adventure of a lifetime!
Choose DISHA International Foundation Trust to help find your future!
Who can participate?
Any Indian specialist can participate in the program. We have a large network of partner organizations. We will select a company for an internship, depending on your education, internship goals and CV.

How application process takes place?

Application submitted by intern -> We review Application -> If Approved -> We will send you link through email for the Payment of 'fees' ( managed by Disha Hospitality Solutions, our managing partner for registration, Accommodation, Food etc.) -> After Successful 100% payment we reconfirm your placement through email and you are ready to fly...!

Please also read our FAQ  for more details.

Registration fees: USD 50
(Payment of fees is managed by "DISHA ANTARRASHTRIYA SEVA")

Programs implemented in collaboration with "DISHA Antarrashtriya Seva" & "Federation of International Innovation and Research for Entrepreneurship" (FiiRE)

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