Why should I choose DISHA International Foundation for my volunteering in India?

We are “family” organization which will bring you close to everyday processes and enables to prepare for you individualized program and schedule according to you. We offer you interesting programs on very low cost level, because we value the time, work and experience that volunteers are willing to give us.

We are highly educated and experienced and we will give you all our care so you will feel with us “at home".

Our project manager is European and she will be your guide and link between India and outer world.


What kinds of projects are there open for volunteers?

Please see the section VOLUNTEERING in main menu. You can find there list of the programs with more information. We are very open to individuality so if we can manage specific program for you according to your skills and expectations.


Can I come alone, with friends, as a group of people or as a couple?

Yes. You can come alone, you can come as a couple, and you can come as a group of people – family or friends.


Do I need visa to come to India?

It is probable that you need visa to come to India, but it depends on your nationality as the rules are different for different countries. Check the information with Indian Embassy for your country.


Do I need health and travel insurance?

This is up to you, but it is recommended to have at least health insurance. Moreover it is usually among requirements for obtaining Indian visa.


Do I need prior experience to become a volunteer at DISHA International Foundation?

You do not need concrete prior experience; we will manage the program according your individual skills and knowledge. But of course for some programs skills are needed. You cannot teach German if you do not speak German, for example.


Is there minimum/maximum age stated for volunteers?

Minimum age is 18 years; we do not have stated maximum age. If you come as a family and your children are below 18 they can participate as well because they are with people who have responsibility for them.


Are you searching for volunteers from particular country?

No. We welcome volunteers from all around the world.


Should I bring materials for the project?

You do not have to, but if you have something helpful for performing your volunteering activities then take it with you. For example books, dictionary etc.


How can I additionally support DISHA International Foundation?

We are happy with your presence and help, but if you want to support our organization you can bring us something small but useful, second hand things are perfect. You can gift for example books or any kind of literature so we can add it to our library and can be used by our students or future volunteers. And still you can support us financially by donating small amount of money to the organization.


What kind of things should I bring with me?

You can basically buy everything here in India so you do not have to bring too many things. We recommend bringing medicine, especially if you have prescriptions. Bring also flash light so you do not have to buy it here. For ladies we recommend to bring feminine hygiene products (tampons, cup) as here only pads are convenient.

Bring few comfortable clothes for warm/hot weather. You will need winter clothes only if you spend time other than volunteering in cold areas.

You do not have to bring sleeping bag, but if you feel more comfortable with it bring just light one.


Do I need vaccination to come to India?

It is recommended to have vaccination for tetanus, hepatitis and typhoid as basic vaccination; you can find also other recommended vaccinations. Discuss with your doctor or center for exotic diseases.


Is it possible to buy medicines in India?

Yes. All common medicines are available in India. If you need to use any kind of prescribed or special medicines, please do not forget to bring it with you as we cannot ensure you it will be available here.


Do I need to bring mosquito repellent?

You can bring mosquito repellent or net if you have, but you can comfortably buy it here – net, electric repellent, mosquito coils, creams or sprays.


Is provided food and water safe during project?

Yes, water and food provided during project is safe. Also food in general is safe to eat, just be more careful of street food. Do not drink water from a tap.


What kind of clothes is suitable to wear?

Generally it is recommended to wear clothes covering a body. For men it is not that strict. Comfortable pants and shirt is suitable. Women should wear clothes which are not too revealing – long dress, shirt or pants, shirt. Do not wear spaghetti string tops, use clothes covering your knees. The best clothes are of summer type, light airy fabrics.

Most common shoes are flip flops or sandals suitable in hot weather. For hiking or longer walks bring something comfortable.


What is the weather like the project locations?

Aurangabad is a city in the middle of India. Weather is hot the year round. The hottest months are April and May, winter is very pleasant.


Is India safe country to travel to?

Yes, generally India is safe country for travelers. Of course it is recommended to keep basic safety rules – wear appropriate clothes, do not roam alone after dark.


What kind of accommodation is there prepared for volunteers?

Accommodation differs from locality but usually our volunteers stay with host family. Accommodation is simple but has all the basic facilities for your stay and it is according to general living standards of the locality. You have to be prepared for simple but authentic conditions if staying in the village. We do not support idea of providing luxurious accommodation which would be many levels above general living standards of the area as it would not be fair to encourage this kind of differences. We want you to blend in.


Do you manage cell phone number for your volunteers? Is internet available in the locality?

Yes, if you do not have Indian cell phone number we will provide you cell phone number for use during the program or if your stay in India include further traveling we will help you to get your own number. Internet in mobile is very usual and affordable in India and in most of the places internet cafes are available. Internet will be discussed and managed individually after your arrival according to your needs and locality of your work.

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