Speaker at NIPM meet organised at BAMU
Manoj GuptaPramod TakwaleRajesh JawlekarNagesh DeshpandePareekshit Kale,Hrishikesh AponarayanPuneet DhingraVihar RakhundeAnjali Bhat and Anurag G. Kalyani.
Invitee NIPM-Aurangabad monthly meet as a speaker on 'Global Opportunities' for HR Professionals, Students, Insitutes and organizations on Internship, Youth Development by DISHA International Foundation Trust
Voulunteer Excursion
Sandhya Puri, Supriya Zalte,Chitra Gaikwad, Vinay Gaikvad, Vedant Jadhav, Vaibhav Jadhav.
After successful planning and implementation of our BEE-NATIONAL CONFERENCE, indeed we deserve a refreshment and embrace the nature to drain away mental pressure, stress and hardship we did to accomplish our 'task'!
Shreeyash College (MOU)
In presence of Dr. Kalawane (Campus Director), Mr. R. Pawar (Principal), Mr. Deepak Pawar (Training and Placement Officer) All from Shreeyash and Mr. Kerron Vaishnav (Founder Secretary), Disha International Foundation Trust.
-International Internship Abroad for Students
- Staff Mobility ProgrammE
-International Educational knowledge exchange.
-Networking for Educational and Sports worldwide.
-Guest Lectures and Expert talks to be attained with professionals.
National Conference

Mr. Kalyani (Siemens),

Mr. Marlapalle(Endurance),

Mr. Nagori(CII),

Dr.Tated(Sandip Foundation),

Project on  building empowering environment for youth employability (BEE) held at Deogiri College

Skill Development:

- International Cooperation across the Globe in the field of Education and Training.
-Curriculum Design 
-Research and Development 
-Guest Lectures
-Local Industrial Training and Visits
-International Student Internship Abroad
-International Faculty Exchanges Abroad
-International Knowledge exchange partnership across the globe.

MoU with Sandip Foundation (Nasik)

Ms Martina Pekarova from Slovakia (Chief Consultant,European and International Projects of DIFT) 

Pro Vice Chancellor of Sandip Foundation Mr. Tated Sir, Mr. Dipak Patil (Dean-International Coopeation), Mr. S.I Patil (Principal) 

For International Student Internship abroad, International Youth Exchanges abroad

International Exposure abroad in Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain and Czech Republic

Mahabhraman Certification
Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation
Volunteer Tourism
Official visit to Holland
Ms Josiana
At Zeist-Netherland

Official visit to Italy


Alina-Elena Gheorghica, Doro Tea, Tony Wiseman, Mr. Alfio Rivalta, Emilia-Romagna, Daniele Bevilacqua, Ms Guilia,Ms Camila.


1)Italian Mechatronics Company


2)Had chance to meet up with the team of Industrial Association from "Aster" had conversation on Industrial relationship, Export Import, Industrial Exchanges,


3)  Comune di Bologna Iperbole Rete Civica  and YouNet working in corporation for helping citizens of Bologna in many ways either Youth or Youth organisations. 


4)  I.I.S. "Bartolomeo Scappi" hotel management institution


5)Ferrera: New office of YouNet

 impact of YouNet being so powerful relations among VET organisations either sending or receiving like institutions and companies, industrial associations.

6) Comune di Bologna Iperbole Rete Civica

Municipal corporation office for citizen help....Networking

7)YouNet : building database, merging and keeping it neat for present and future references in MS Excel files.

Teachers Training from the VET Institutes, update the tachers and lecturers to also update on NON FORMAL EDUCATION.

8) visit the one of Electrical Company 'Climarai Group' with the diveresed group of students from Bulgaria, Poland, Croatia got to know about sought of work this company offers for young VET students

MoU with YouNet (Bologna,Italy)
Francesco Tarantino

Training, internships in many companies, hotels, restaurants and various organizations in Italy, also an opportunity to find jobs while doing training and much more

Youth Pass

39 participants from 13 countries, DISHA from India,

Visit to Mechatronics company (Italy)

By European Commission’s Erasmus Plus,

Internship in European countries for Indian students for 35 to 90 days, MoU with YouNet, Bologna,Italy

BEE (Building Empowering Environment for Youth Employability) in Bologna  (Italy)

Kerron Vaishnav,

Anurag Kalyani,

Ram Marlapalle

13 Countries- DISHA from India

1) Disha promotion and participation in in Italy with 13 countries... BEE PROJECT

- Capacity building project “Bee” that will gather together a global partnership from 13 different organizations from 4 different continents with the aim to tackle youth unemployment by bridging together educational sector, labour market, youths and public institutions and enabling young people to undergo work-based learning period (WBL). 
We believe we can make a positive difference both at local and international scale through involving youth organizations and strengthening cross-sectorial networking that will create new opportunities for work based learning mobility. 
“BEE” partnership is based on a cooperative working methodology that will foster cross-fertilization through sharing practices and approaches, as well as by bridging together not only youth organizations, but also schools and employers in a global perspective. Furthermore we hope the partnership will be an important step towards the development of our common projects.
 This project summary aims to introduce the partners of the consortium to the most important objectives and milestones of the the project.

2) Promoting Aurangabad Tourism theme "Visit Marashtra" 2017 and "Visit Aurangabad" at Bologna, Italy and 13 coutrries participants witnessed the promotion thorugh DISHA T-shirt. An initiative to promote tourism in Aurangabad.

Free Health checkup camp 

at Joshi Hospital with Dr. Mr & Mrs. Joshi

A Free General Health Checkup camp is being attained at Itewadi Tanda, a rural village in Aurangabad.The village is adopted by DISHA International Foundation Trust for the development in many areas right from healthy livelihood, good school education, general no formal education, Computer education and many. With the support of 'Joshi Hospital' a multi super specialist hospital and Dr. Mr & Mrs. Joshi are Orthopedic and Gynecologist respectively and special efforts and interest made by Dimple Bindra who they all took initiative to support 'DISHA' and this village by attaining frequent similar camps every month. Dr. Atul Joshi also introduced this villagers that how they can help in association with DISHA International Foundation Trust that on several health diseases how Indian government supporting for funding and health checkups and how that can be pulled out to make useful for this villages. They also promised many 'FREE HEALTH' treatments for FREE in cooperation with DISHA International Foundation Trust and if on major operations and treatments they will support NO LOSS NO PROFIT strategies for needy ones. 

Cleaning Campaign

Sarah Nehrling (USA)

Clean India Campaign with volunteers

DISHA on top of Olympos mountain (Greece)

          Olympos is the highest mountain in Greece(2918m) and the second higher in entire Balcans. According to Greek mythology Olympos was the "home" of Jupiter and the 12 ancient Olympians Gods. It was an initiative of one of our marketing and networking strategies.

Networking industries : Endress+Hauser.

Mr. N. Sriram, the Director of Endress+Hauser,Ms Sarah Nehrling

Visit to know activities regarding mployability, CSR 


Identifying village for health checkup camp

Joshi Hospital,Sarah Nehrling

A troop of doctors identified the village adopted by DISHA International Foundation Trust for betterment of a remote village lives. Regular Health Checkup Camps will be attained for FREE. Serious helath issues of the villagers will be lookedafter in the city side, four storied Super Speciality Hospital with the help of 63 health staff members in the hospital and most of the treatments will be on non profit basis will be provided by these doctors troop.

Visit to Shirdi Temple

Ms Sarah Nehrling,Mr Mahesh Reddy

Temple visit

Visit to Ellora Caves

Sarah Nehrling, Chitra Gaikwad, Sandhya Puri

Showing around Ellora Caves



Session arranged by NIPM-Aurangabad mentored by Mr. Anurag G. Kalyani and @ Mrs. Jahnobi A Kalyani Deogiri College, Aurangabad. Ms Sarah Nehrling the pro bono consultant of DISHA International Foundation Trust, a Harvard Graduate for 'Learning and Teaching' had given presentation to MBA students and it was a great round table discussion over similar subject. This activity based learning was great!

Visit to Joshi Hospital

Sarah Nehrling

Visit to Joshi Super speciality Hospital (Aurangabad)

BEE Awaereness Campaign

Sarah Nehrling, Sandip Foundation

Our pro bono consultent and guest speaker Ms Sarah Nehrling is Harvard graduate from USA and DISHA International Foundation Trust Volunteer team.


Mr. Sandeep Nagori (Chairperson,CII)

It was a great opporutnity to introduce DISHA International Foundation Trust and BEE Project and other projects at Confederation of Indian Industry Marathwada Chapter.

Bridge on river Dudhna

(with Volunteers)

Rural experience, farm, life,

rivers were over flowing Disconnected from village not to take vehicales without taking a chance all of Youth Volunteers satarted making one off stones laying in this small river "Dudhana" other passer by vehicles started using the same bridge made up of stones

Speaker at CSMSS

Chhatrapati Shahu Maharaj Shikshan Sanstha’s College of Polytechnic

An Invitation to our Founder Secretary Mr. Kerron Vaishnav to be a chief guest and speaker at an International Conference

Recent Trends in Science, Technology and Management

CII -Youth

Hon. Chairperson Mr. Sandeep Nagori, Mrs. Christine from Australia, Mr and Mrs Kalyani

Confederation of Indian Industries - Marathwada Chapter meeting on ITI Finishing school

Discussion on BEE

Felicitated @ NIPM-Aurangabad

Christine from Australia

Felicitation at NIPM monthly meeting

Judging Debate competition

Federal Bank,Times of India

Invited by the renowned 'Federal Bank' and 'Times of India' news agency to be judging participants in the NATIONAL competition of a Debate 'Speak India' for Youth, on different topics.

BEE at Shreeyash

Mr Marlapalle, Mr Kalyani

BEE: Building Empowering Environment For Youth Employability seminar at  Shreeyashcollege of Engineering Aurangabad.


Mr Marlapalle

BEE: Building Empowering Environment For Youth Employability seminar at  CSMSS  College Of Polytechnic,Aurangabad.

Presentation at Rotary

Rotary Club

Rotary Club Meet - Presentation on Italy trip (BEE project )
At The Salt


1)How DISHA International Foundation Trust participating in social work through "VolunTourism" worldwide

2) Erasmus KA2 Partner from India - VOLUNTEER IN INDIA!

We have hosted many volunteers across the Globe! Partnering KA2 Projects.

Highlighted Volunteer Tourism, Medical Tourism and Industrial Tourism opportunities in Aurangabad in presence Public, private, stakeholders from Tourism background. Focused on Sustainable Economic Growth and Employablity through Tourism in Aurangabad, Marathwada, Mahrashtra and India.

Cleaning Campaign, Teaching English, Soft skills enhancement, sports training, special schools, villages,

Free Skill Development Training for Girls

Ms Christina (Trainer and Teacher - Australia, Hong Kong, China)

Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University

Personality Development, Communication Skills,

Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced- 2 months, 60 girls, 3 batches

Teachers Training at ZP School

Susan Westfall (Canada): Nancy 2015 Teachers Global Awardee

Kerron Vaishnav (Trainer) & Ms Dnynada Bharne (Interpreter)

School Principal: Manjushri Rajguru

Teachers Training" by Ms Susan , a Canadian retired teacher trained teachers and took workshop on Effective methods of Reading and Writing skills development among primary school children. At ZP Primery School, Satara, Aurangabad.

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