DISHA International Foundation Trust is educational non-government non-profit organization based in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India. We are cooperating with all groups of people in community, but we are mostly focused on work with youth, as India is country with high rate of young people.


We are specialized in the field of capacity building, personality development, foreign languages, communication and soft skills, environmental and social responsibility awareness and providing intercultural experience through hosting volunteers from all over the world, organizing events and seminars increasing general awareness, intercultural differences awareness, realizing individuality and individual responsibility, contributing to community work and social responsibility and active participation of community citizens.


We are working on linking and increasing cooperation between formal education and private sector with purpose of increasing practical knowledge and general knowledge, move focus from memorizing information to logical and critical thinking and implementation of learned knowledge to increase employability especially of young people. We cooperate with many local colleges and various partners to reach stated goals.


DISHA International Foundation Trust is newly founded, but we have previous relevant experience performing activities as Disha International English Academy. This organization was founded as proprietorship focused on tuition classes, but then there originated a need of widen services more related to the field of non-profit services and community help increasing general awareness of important topics as education, environment and natural protection, intercultural dialogue etc. Therefore there came natural step to found an NGO to promote activities towards community and get donations, fundings and participate in grant schemes to help the performance.



Mission: To increase literacy, general knowledge, education level and environmental awareness through capacity building and intercultural exchange.

Vision: To create open minded, actively participating and responsible community with educated, highly employable youth with critical thinking through implementing international projects and to enable youth exchange programs


taking initiative and necessary risk allows changes and makes things happen


we value providing professional and quality services in any field of work and emphasis this value especially to youth, to make them realize and focus on complex learning and improvement


team work is important for us and we understand that synergic effect can bring us more than individual attitude

Critical thinking

looking at problem from different angles, open mind, logics and linking knowledge from various fields and breaking barriers as the best way of finding solutions


receptiveness to new ideas, information and arguments, unprejudiced mind as the basis for tolerance and positive change


We in DISHA International Foundation Trust feel responsible for spreading values of the organization and show the significance of their implementation in everyday life.
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  • Formal and non-formal education: development and social networking​

  • Youth employability

  • Tourism Promotions

  • International volunteer programs

  • Vocational Education Training (VET)/ Work Based Learning (WBL)

  • Project Based Learning(PBL)

  • Foreign languages

  • Personality development

  • Rural development

  • Environmental and social responsibility

  • Intercultural experience

  • Increasing general awareness

  • Internship Abroad



Mr.Kerron Vaishnav

Founder, Secretary

DISHA International Foundation Trust


International Relations

Project Partnership & Management

Ms. Nagma Shaikh


Ms. Sarah Nehrling

Organizational Learning Consultant EdM Harvard Graduate School of Education U.S.A


Mr. Anurag Kalyani

Pro Bono HR Expert German Multinational Company, India


Ms. Olga Krylatova

PR-manager DISHA International Foundation Trust, Russia



Mr.Makrand Deshpande

President Endurance Group, India


Executive Vice-President & Mentor Endurance Gruop, India

Mr. Ram Marlapalle


Mr. Daniele Bevilacqua

Entrepreneur Sports Expert, Italy


Ms. Joanne Shearer

Manager Hospitality Industry, New Zealand