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"Volunteering Opportunities to Improve Cohesion and Empowerment"


“VOICE” intends to develop structured innovative actions towards increasing the quality of international volunteering mobility (IVM) and building capacity of the youth organizations actively engaged in transnational learning mobility, both sending and receiving international volunteers. VOICE aims to promote IVM as a way to boost youths’ employability potential, foster active European citizenship and feeling as citizens of the world, overcome passivity of younger Europeans and create environment for increasing quality of the IVM supporting organizations. The project has particular importance in terms of evaluating and revising experiences by the 20th anniversary of EVS and recent announcement of the new Commission’s initiative such as European Solidarity Corps.

In particular, the project creates new learning tools aimed to support training providers in partner countries and increase quality to On-arrival service provided to European volunteers attending services in partner countries. The project also directly contributes to increasing employability potential of young people throughout providing EVS services to 18 European young people with fewer opportunities, particularly NEETs. The proposal has a special added value due to the innovative cross-sectorial approach and an Open Education Resource development. It’s project objectives contribute to proving youth opportunity “to acquire and develop a mix of knowledge, skills and aptitudes they need to succeed in the labour market” [COM(2010) 682 final].

VOICE specific objectives are:

  • to build capacity of the youth workers and organizations working or intending to start working in the field of cross-continental IVM projects and with ESC initiative;

  • to capitalize previous outcomes in the field of IVM support and ensure quality transfer of the best practices in the field;

  • to build personal and professional capacity as training providers of the youth workers from IVM RO based in partner countries;

  • to create new learning tools based on capitalized outcomes that will contribute to increasing quality of youth work and support provided to European volunteers;

  • to create opportunity for fostering skills and capacities of European NEETs with an eye to support them in fostering employability potential and further re/enter the labour market;

  • to promote active citizenship, volunteering and non-formal learning in partner countries.

VOICE is innovative because it is made to capitalize existing knowledge on supporting IVM and revise current frameworks of organizational support prior to step into ESC. The project also brings innovative character by its outputs: OER, toolkit and the Glob-bloG. 
The Glob-bloG (youtube channel with video diaries merged with webpage and social networks pages) is unique communication and dissemination channel targeted specially to peers; it is also a tool to support volunteers during VOICE in gathering new transversal & ICT skills demanded at the current labor market in EU.

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